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News Agency of Nigeria is the primary news content provider for Nigeria’s newspapers, electronic media and bloggers. NAN offers the most authoritative and reliable news in Nigeria. No other news organisation covers Nigeria more than us.
Hottest News

Hottest News

Since its inception in 1976, News Agency of Nigeria has been providing General News Service to subscribers at its breaks. We produce more than 200 stories per day, with additional collaboration with Reuters and Xinhua news agencies.
Widest Reach

Widest Reach

NAN has the widest reach when it comes to news in Nigeria. With substantial reach and mobility across the 36 states of Nigeria, and with 501 editorial staff nationwide and a correspondent in New York, we are always where the news is.

Corporate Bodies

Why Choose NANMobile?

Corporate organisations can take advantage of the NANMobile platform to either subscribe to NANMobile corporate packages or use the platform to get their stories out.
Widest Reach
NANMobile gives your organization the platform to reach millions of subscribers at once.
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NANMobile gives your messages the authoritative backings it deserves.

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NANMobile has the widest content delivery network by SMS in Nigeria. Below are few figures to show for it.


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